4R 活動David/Eva/Kitty/Andy/Eric逢週三及週五晚上八時至十一時(教會實體)
Pickle Ball (匹克球)週三/週五下午
第二季 五月至七月於四月一日開始報名
Pickle Ball (匹克球)週三/週五晚上
Ping Pong 乒乓球 週三/週五晚上
排舞Cecilia Lai逢週三晚上八時至九時半(網上)
健身(八段錦)- 大舞Jose/Tony逢週五晚上八時至九時 (網上)
好歌詩歌齊齊唱 – “迎向新世界”Andy/David/Kitty/Eva/Eric四月六日週六下午二時至五時半(教會實體)
Allan Moon四月廿七日週六下午一時卅分(教會實體)

如欲查詢4R活動/講座,可透過網址: DMBC.ca,
如希望聯絡/查詢/報名,請透過电郵, 地址: DMBC4RNight@Gmail.com

* Mask is highly recommended, but is optional.
* Temperature check is required for each visit. People with higher than normal temperature will be refrained from participating in any 4R activities.
* Maintain social distancing (minimum six feet apart) whenever possible.
* If a person has contracted Covid, or has been in close contact with a Covid positive person in the last seven days, or has just returned
from overseas in the past seven days, 4R will decline his/her participation.

General Code
* All 4R participants (other than church members) are required to re-register themselves upon reopening of the gym on Friday, 10 Jun 2022.
* No membership fee is required for the remaining year of 2022.
* All participants are required to complete the waiver section on the registration form.
* Participants are required to register for programs they like via dmbc4rnight@gmail.com
* All players must maintain good conduct and behaviour while at the premises:

  1. Dress in appropriate sport attire.
  2. Smoking and alcoholic beverages are prohibited in the church.
  3. No screaming, spitting, fighting or use of foul language.
  4. Firearms or offensive weapons are strictly prohibited
  5. Take turns to use the facilities when there are queues (e.g., badminton court).
  6. Play a part in keeping the venue tidy and clean.
  7. Parents are advised to keep close watch of their underage children. Kids running across the facility is dangerous for both the children and the players.
  8. Violations may result in being asked to depart from the church.

Facility care

All participants must take good care of the equipment or facility at church:
1. Prevent dents or scratches to the tennis tables.
2. All borrowed items must be returned to their original containment when done. 

4R 重開守則 
Covid 19 健康測量
* 強烈推薦使用面罩,但參與者自由選擇。
* 每次訪教會都需要進行溫度檢查。體溫高於正常的人仕當日將被禁止參加任何4R活動。
* 儘可能保持社交距離(至少相距六英尺)。
* 如果某人感染了新冠病毒,或在過去 7 天內與新冠病毒呈現陽性者有過密切接觸,或在過去 7 天內剛從海外返回,
4R 有權拒絕其參與。


  • 所有 4R 參與者(教會成員除外)都必須在 2022 年 6 月 10 日星期五重新開放時重新註冊。
  • 2022年剩下的時間無須遞交會費。
  • 所有參與者都必須填寫註冊表上的責任追究棄權書部分。
  • 參與者必須通過 dmbc4rnight@gmail.com 註冊他們喜歡的項目。
  • 所有參與者必須在場地內保持良好的行為和莊重儀態:
  1. 穿著適合所選項目的運動裝。
  2. 教會內禁止吸煙和飲酒。
  3. 禁止尖叫、吐痰、打架或粗言穢語。
  4. 嚴禁使用槍支或攻擊性武器
  5. 不要長時間佔用設施, 排隊時輪流使用設施 (例如,羽毛球場)。
  6. 保持場地整潔乾淨。
  7. 建議家長密切注意未成年子女。孩子們跑過運動場地對孩子和球員來說都是危險的。
  8. 違規者可能導致被要求離開教會。



  1. 防止乒乓球檯出現凹痕或划痕。
  2. 所有借來的物品在完成後必須歸還到它們原來的位置